Friday, 9 August 2013

Sella Descent: Bouzán and Fiuza impose again their law in 2013 and Busto adds another title to his legend

Walter Bouzán and Álvaro F. Fiuza Sella won for the fourth consecutive time in the year of their announced retirement as K2. Along with the new victory of Manuel Busto in K1, it seems that future generations will still have to wait for their time to pass over the great figures of this river, with other great veterans like Rafael Carril, Julio Martínez and Emilio Merchán getting on the podium in both disciplines (and no sign of wanting to get off of it).

Photo: Fotoyos
Following the protocol of the opening ceremony, this time with speech by Angela Pumariega, sailing Olympic champion in London 2012, and the always exciting song Asturias Patria Querida in the voices of the entire audience, Walter and Fiuza made a pristine start taking an excellent position at the front, next to the boat of Kiko Vega and Luis Amado Pérez. However, it soon became clear that Walter and Fiuza didn't want to miss the opportunity they had after having got a few precious meters over other favorites like Merchán/Alonso, Martínez/Becerro or Llamedo/Ramalho, who were forced to start a nig comeback in the first kilometers after a capsize at the start.