Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Varsity College Marine Surfski Series: race 6

Last Friday, at Durban Bay, race 6 of the Varsity College Marine Surfski Series was held after the break for the Dusi Unlimited the week before. This time, the sea conditions were rough with strong wind and waves that were a true obstacle for many competitors just to make a proper start into the water, that's why the contestants were not so many in the end. Victory was for Hank McGregor, who comfortably left behind the Nisbet Brothers (doubles) and Matthew Bouman, probably the only one who could put in trouble McGregor's overall victory in the series.

Photo: ©Anthony Grote
 You can check the full results at this link.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Results of Winter Regional Championships in Spain

Photo: Donostia Kayak
We already talked last Sunday about the 5.000 metres Championships in Galicia (Spain), but many other were held this weekend and also will be held some more next Saturday and Sunday as a qualification for the National Championships to be competed in Seville in two weeks and a half.

Times in these regional races maybe cannot be taken as a reference, because of the very different courses and conditions, but we have already seen some interesting performances and people pointing very high to be in the national top ten, beware that in Seville will show up the main group of the National Sprint Team, now preparing the first 200 m. trial to decide who will go for London 2012 qualification in Poznan next May.

Here we let you some links to the results so far:
Castilla-La Mancha (winner: Héctor Cubelos)
Galicia (winner: Iván Alonso)
Extremadura (winner: Julio Moreno)
Gipuzkoa (winner: Xabier Ruiz de Aretxabaleta)
Palencia (winner: Jorge Alonso)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Iván Alonso, Tania Fernández and David Cal, winners of the 5.000 metres at Galicia

Yesterday was held at Verducido (Galicia, Spain) the winter 5.000 metres Championship in that region, with some of the first line paddlers of Spain competing.

Senior K1 victory was for Iván Alonso, 5th last season at the Marathon World Champs in Singapore. He repeated victory for the second year in a row beating his two teammates (Kayak Tudense) Diego Piña and Víctor Javier Rodríguez. But this last one was given a two minutes penalty in the start, falling down to 19th position, being finally bronze medalist Miguel Fernández Castañón, from Fluvial O Barco.

In ladies senior, the promising Tania Fernández, from Fluvial de Lugo, claimed victory winnig ina  closed sprint another two Kayak Tudense members, Ana Varela and Carla Pérez.

In the C1, the great olympic Spanish hope for London 2012, David Cal (Club Ría de Aldán), beated the marathon specialist Tono Campos in a closed race, leaving behind the third position for Ángel Cristian Rivademar, from Club Breogán.

At this link you can check the full results for seniors, juniors and U16. And at this one, the veterans results.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bizkaia's Winter Championship 2012

Today we upload the results of the Bizkaia's Winter Championship 2012, held last sunday over 5.000 metres. Victory for Felipe Besada, from Pamplona, who competed as a guest, being Bizkaia's champion Jorge van Horenbeke.

You can check the full pdf file at this link.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Third race of Cape Town Downwind Series

Photo: Cape Town Sport Photography
The third race of the Cape Town Downwind Paddle Series was held last Saturday at Cape Town area (RSA), from Miller's Point to the usual finish line at Fish Hoek beach, with a total course of 12 kilometres.

Conditions were reported to be very mild in the morning, so the scheduled start at 14:00 wasn't clearly going to be kept, but the South East wind finally appeared and got to the point of risking the competition, with a speed of 50 km/h.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Results of first winter race in Asturias (Spain)

Photo: Fotoyos
Last Sunday was held at Trasona Dam (Asturias, Spain) the traditional Miguel Ángel Pérez Memorial Regatta, which shoots off the season in the northern area of Spain. In a cold rainy morning, over a course of 4.500 metres and with a good number of contestants, victory was for Spainsh top paddler Emilio Llamedo, with 19'16" (the 18' in the results is a mistake, as he beated at the sprint his rivals Luis Amado, first U23, and Rafael Carril). This is Milín's first victory joining his brand new Senior Category after having won almost everything in the U23.

You can check all the results at this link.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Regional Championships in Spain

The Official Spanish season 2012 has started this weekend with some regional championships were the top paddlers looking for a place into the Olympic team make their first appearances.

At this link you may check the results for the Castilla-La Mancha Championship, were Cubelos brothers has shown their good shape with a 20'00" victory on the 5.000 metres.

Photo: Piragüismo Aranjuez

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dusi Unlimted 2012 final results

Finalle we got the results for the Dusi Unlimited Canoe Marathon 2012:

1.Andy Birkett/Jason Graham 2:15.17 7:43.02
2.Hank McGregor/Len Jenkins 2:20.02 7:51.58
3.Thulani Mbanjwa/Sbonelo Zondi 2:16.23 7:54.24
4.Lance Kime/Kwanda Mhlope (U23) 2:21.24 7:59.23
5.Craig Turton/Jasper Mocke 2:18.22 8:01.47
6.Shaun Rubenstein/Steve Farrell 2:27.12 8:12.27
7.Shaun Biggs/Ben Biggs 2:23.40 8:15.12
8.Piers Cruickshanks/Mike Stewart 2:25.55 8:17.28
9.Lucas Mthalane/Mmeli Cele 2:23.38 8:19.06
10.Mark Mulder/Dave Chaplin 2:26.02 8:21.57
11.Murrary Haw/James Speed (U18) 2:25.33 8:24.19
12.Matt Trautman/Kelvin Trautman 2:23.42 8:24.31
13.Shaun Griffin/Cam Schoeman 2:28.47 8:27.32
14.Brandon van der Walt/Clinton Cook (U23) 2:23.58 8:29.46
15.Greg Carter-Brown/Craig Carter-Brown 2:28.34 8:29.52
16.Jacques Theron/Shaun Price 2:28.15 8:34.05
17.Thomas Ngidi/John Ngcobo 2:26.45 8:34.07
18.Gavin Shuter/Alex Roberts 2:24.01 8:34.49
19.Jonathan Niemann/Gavin Payne 2:27.30 8:36.23
20.Skhumbuso Ngidi/Nkosikayise Cele 2:29.38 8:38.04

1.Robyn Kime/Abbey Ulansky 2:33.02 8:41.59
2.Abby Adie/Alex Adie (U23) 2:33.49 8:59.25
3.Debbie Germiquet/Carmen Blakeney 2:40.57 9:31.16
4.Bianca Haw/Jordan Peek (U18) 2:50.20 9:48.17
5.Tamika Haw/Jen Hodson 2:44.46 9:52.13
6.Brittany Petersen/Kerry Shuter 2:58.34 10:16.29
7.Jenna Ward/Kerry Segal 2:49.18 10:20.41
8.Mandy Rawlins/Debbie Lewis 3:01.58 10:42.58
9.Lorna Oliver/Angela Scruby 3:07.36 11:00.09
10.Diana Rietz/Nicky Taylor 3:24.41 11:54.11

Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham repeat victory at Dusi 2012

Foto: Impi Concept Events
Just finished the Dusi Unlimited Canoe Marathon 2012 after the third and last stage between Inanda Dam and Blue Lagoon, in Durban, with the victory of Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham, who didn't give a chance to their rivals and took for themselves all the options by a solid paddle.

The dawn was again cludy today, and sometimes a little bit rainy at Inanda Dam, when at 6 o'clock the leaders started their competition, heading to Durban with a solo paddle ahead. Birkett/Graham set a strong pace through the dam, trying no te let McGregor/Jenkins feeling like they had a chance today in this favorable water until the dam wall portage. There was a question pending then: would they avoid Burma Hill portage to shoot down the river through the rapids? Then they would have options, but risking a swim and severe kayak damage... Finally, all the top couples opted for the portage, taking no bigger risks. Birkett/Graham were still strong on the lead, growing the gap to 5 minutes.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Dusi Day 2: Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham, one step closer.

On the second stage of Dusi Unlimited Canoe Marathon, raced today from Dusi Bridge to Inanda Dam, leaders Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham gave an important step forward to the final victory, arriving at today's finish line completely alone and making bigger the gap with their prosecutors.

On a cloudy and humid day, but no so hot as yesterday, the start was highly intense. Birkett/Graham and Mbanjwa/Zondi started with a 3 seconds difference, while McGregor/Jenkins were on the hunt a minute and a half behind. This last couple took a very strong pace trying to close the gap with the leaders as soon as possible, but Birkett/Graham showed today their determination and didn't give a break, until being succesful at leaving Mbanjwa/Zondi behind, who saw how McGregor/Jenkins approached, but still with a minute and a half gap with the leaders.Finally, they were fighting neck to neck in the second group, but drama visited Mbanjwa/Zondi's at Gauging Weir, where they had a swim and lost about two minutes. Water level was quite high today and carrying out the kayak to the side bank was not an easy task.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dusi Day 1 results

These are the main results of Day 1:

1.Andy Birkett/Jason Graham 2:36.56
2.Thulani Mbanjwa/Sbonelo Zondi 2:36.59
3.Hank McGregor/Len Jenkins 2:38.28
4.Craig Turton/Jasper Mocke 2:41.16
5.Lance Kime/Kwanda Mhlope (U23) 2:43.26
6.Shaun Rubenstein/Steve Farrell 2:44.34
7.Piers Crucikshanks/Mike Stewart 2:47.01
8.Lucas Mthalane/Mmeli Cele 2:47.57
9.Richard Cele/Nhlanhla Cele (U23) 2:50.07
10.Shaun Biggs/Ben Biggs 2:51.14

1.Robyn Kime/Abbey Ulansky 2:59.33
2.Abby Adie/Alex Adie (U23) 3:10.43
3.Debbie Germiquet/Carmen Blakeney 3:22.30
4.Bianca Haw/Jordan Peek (U18) 3:25.58
5.Tamika Haw/Jen Hodson 3:32.30

Andrew Birkett and Jason Graham win on Dusi Day 1

Photo: Impi Concept Events
This morning, at 6:00 local time, started a new edition of the Dusi Unlimited Canoe Marathon at Pietermaritzburg (RSA). With a humid, hot and stormy weather, the sprint to shoot Earnie Pearce was frenzy, as usual, with favourites McGregor/Jenkins shooting in first position, followed by Birkett/Graham and Biggs Brothers. No big problems for A batch, with only one swim. That was different at the seeded women batch, with top paddlers Robyn Kime and Abbey Ulansky falling in. The Adie sisters seized the opportunity and took the lead for the first kilometres down the river, with Kime/Ulansky starting their comeback from fourth position.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dusi Unlimited: 1 day to go

Tomorrow, Thursday, at six o'clock local time, it's the start for another edition of the Dusi Unlimited, one of the big races of river descent in the world and included in the ICF World Classic Marathon Series. Three days, three stages to cover the 118 km. from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. Weirs, rapids, dams and outrageous portages make all together probably the most mythical race in South Africa. We will try to make these days our best to bring you daily information about it.

As we have said during the last few weeks, the favourites have been training very hard to get the optimal point of fitness to go for the title. Competed this year in K2, at the A batch of the start there will be couples like McGregor-Jenkins, Mbanjwa-Zondi, Birkett-Graham, Cruickshanks-Stewart, Brandon van der Walt-Cook, Rubenstein-Farrel, Kime-Mhlophe or Biggs brothers. Big names not only looking for a gold medal (prize for the top 10) but trying to set their names as the 2012 edition winners. Some of them already have done it, but for some others is has been an impossible goal to achieve yet, it doesn't matter how hard they have tried.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Milnerton to Melkbos race at Cape Town Downwind Series postponed

Following the Series maxim of "no wind = no paddle", the race scheduled for this weekend at the Cape Town Downwind Series has been postponed to the second spare weekend in the calendar. Predictions were quite good at the start of the week, but went down as Saturday approached, to the point that even on Sunday the conditions weren't good enough for the race.

You may have updates form the organization at their Facebook page.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Varsity College Marine Surfski Series: Race 5

As promised this morning, we already got the full overall results of race 5 at the Durban Surfski league. This race, sponsored by Hansa, had a big affluence of doubles, just one week to go for the Dusi, to be competed in K2 this year. And as it was easy to guess, victory was for the main favourites Hank McGregor y Len Jenkins, showing their great preparation for next week's rendez-vous at Pietermaritzburg. Second position was for Mark Mulder y David Chaplin, arriving third the Nisbet brothers, who left out of the podium the specialist Barry Lewin with his partner MacNicol. Matthew Bouman chose this time competing in the mixt category, where he became first and fifth overall paddling together with Keren Worlock. In the individual category, the big of the van der Walts, Brandon, finished on top of the podium.

Here is the full list:

Varsity College Marine Surfski Series: video race 4

Waiting for the results of race number 5, held yesterday evening but with no results published yet, here you have a video of Thule race 4, from February 3rd.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

African slalom olympic passports go to Nigeria and Morocco

Last weekend, the African Slalom Championships were held at Bethlehem (RSA) and both winners of the K1 men and ladies, got direct place for next summer Olympic Games in London.

In the Men K1, the main favourite, Beijing medalist Benjamin Boukpeti (TOG) was in clear position to go for his second olympic appearance, but one unlucky touch at the final course made him add 2 precious seconds to the final time, enough to let the nigerian, living in England, Johnathan Akinyemi overpass him by just 1.36 seconds thanks to a quick and fully clean slalom.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dawid Mocke wins the Miller's Classic

Photo: Cape Town Sport Photography
Last Saturday was held at Fish Hoek (RSA) the Miller's Classic, one of the races of the Cape Town Downwind Series. This time the conditions were perfect, with light swell and a constant 15-18 knots wind heading Fish Hoek from the start at Miller's Point. Victory was for the local star Dawid Mocke, followed closely by Tom Shilperoort and Adam Bothma. First junior was Craig Flanigan. The veterans podium was with Gary Cromie on top, Ian Trautmann second and Jami Hamlin third.

The SUP category, which had a less risky route to approach the finish due to sea conditions, was won by Peter Petersen, closely followed 30 seconds behind by Greg Bertish. Gary van Rooyen took third spot.

In the double boats category victory came to Gary Kroukamp, who had an outstanding partner who answered to the name of Tim... Brabants.

You can read a full chronicle at Dawid Mocke's Paddling Center webpage.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Morten Minde, U23 Marathon World Champion

In colaboration with Sportscene, from Elite Kayak we have had the pleasure of having an in-depth interview with Morten Minde, current U23 Marathon World Champion. You can read the full English interview at Sportscene webpage and the Spanish version on this web Élite Kayak, just click on this link.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Varsity College Marine Surfski Series: race 4

Last Friday February 3rd, the fourth race of the Varsity College Marine Surfski Series was held at Durban Bay (RSA). And this race was really tight at the leading bunch, arriving at the finish line six boats in just half a minute. The victory was, as it's starting to be usual, for Hank McGregor, who beated closely the two first double boats (Nisbet/Nisbet and Challenor/Bartho) and the winners of the last two races, Matthew Bouman and Grant van der Walt. They left out of the podium Jasper Mocke, the great specialist of Surfski, what talks about the high level of the race.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fresh air: Five 2 Nine

Canoeing is a very very important part of my life. It's one of those things that maybe doesn't look so important as long as you're able to go down on the river and paddle. But once you cannot choose doing it... then you really miss it. I've being now for a few days in a rush due to my absolutely boring alien office job. I was feeling like inmerse in a Dilbert comic strip, but with no final joke.

But I just got back to myself later this evening when, thanks to Rob from Sportscene, I discovered an amazing web called Five 2 Nine, based in Canada. It has a powerful design, simple and effective. But the most important thing: extreme canoeing simply slaps your face from the very start and tells you "hey, man, breathe this feeling". I was drowning and they brought me the oxygen bottle.

Maybe all this s**t I've written sounds weird (and probably it is...), but you will realize what I mean when you check this impressive video teaser. Check their webpage, it's worth the click.

reIMAGINED from Five2Nine on Vimeo.