Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Results of Winter Regional Championships in Spain

Photo: Donostia Kayak
We already talked last Sunday about the 5.000 metres Championships in Galicia (Spain), but many other were held this weekend and also will be held some more next Saturday and Sunday as a qualification for the National Championships to be competed in Seville in two weeks and a half.

Times in these regional races maybe cannot be taken as a reference, because of the very different courses and conditions, but we have already seen some interesting performances and people pointing very high to be in the national top ten, beware that in Seville will show up the main group of the National Sprint Team, now preparing the first 200 m. trial to decide who will go for London 2012 qualification in Poznan next May.

Here we let you some links to the results so far:
Castilla-La Mancha (winner: Héctor Cubelos)
Galicia (winner: Iván Alonso)
Extremadura (winner: Julio Moreno)
Gipuzkoa (winner: Xabier Ruiz de Aretxabaleta)
Palencia (winner: Jorge Alonso)

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