Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First anniversary of Elite Kayak

And we hope that it's only the first of many more. On October 2nd, 2011, we started this project plenty of hope. One month later it arrived the first entry in this blog (just Spanish at that time). The great welcome we have had within the canoeing community and all the good moments lived during this year are just pushing us to keep on going towards further goals.

The web both in Spanish and English, the second hand material section, the Youtube video channel, the Twitter account, the facebook page... they all are traduced in a big effort, but the three people nowadays involved in this tasks think that those hours stolen to sleep are worth with every visit, every video play, every follower, every comment, every "I like".

To celebrate it we have started working in new challenges we hope to introduce during this Fall season. They will represent even more work to do, but as my father always said "some others like licking padlocks...", so we will still think that it's worth.

I wouldn't like to finish this short post without thanking all those journalists and photographers, paddlers themselves at 99%, who from every corner of the globe, from Australia to Canada, from South Africa to Norway, 365 days a year, document and tell on the web all the races, trainings and stuff happening around. Without them, projects like this wouldn't be possible. Big applause for every one of them.

We hope to be here next year writing our second anniversary post (and you reading it). Meanwhile, we've got an exciting year 2013 ahead to paddle as much as we can. And some of you will even do it fast, haha. See you wherever there is water.

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