Saturday, 10 November 2012

Marathon des Gorges de L'Ardèche, to be held today, cancelled due to flood

An hour and a half ago has officially being cancelled the 2012 edition of the Marathon des Gorges de L'Ardèche due to flood conditions. Yesterday afternoon, the concern was the low water level, as measure under the bridge of Salavas was only about 50 cm. (when considered optimum conditions are between 60 and 80). However, a night of heavy rain has caused a dramatic increase in the water level, which marks the passage by Salavas now in 160 cm., much over the maximum level to make it safe for participants.

This year was expected a good competition with the current winners, Hybois and Jouve, which would deal with renowned previous winners of the race, as Cirylle Carré and Boulanger or Germans Max Hoff and Stiefenhofer (with Hoff coming back to his origins on descent after the Olympic medal achieved three months in London) and consecrated, but newcomers to the Ardèche, South Africans Anthony Stott and Cameron Schoeman, who were training in the river from last Tuesday. Spaniards Pedro Gutierrez and Luis Amado wanted to get between the favorite poker and try the assault on the podium. Also present were members of the French Olympic Slalom team along with Togolese Boukpeti, who were planning to race on a K7.

In K1, watched the latest results on the Czech Cemsky Krumlov and Italian Adige ,favorites had chosen all the surfski, starting with the current winner Tomas Slovak, winner this year of the ICF Marathon Classic World Series, who would be pressed by Spanish Kiko Vega and members of the German national team of River Descent.

The organization regrets having to suspend this edition, but it has not been another choice for the own safety of participants. They have already taken steps for the return of the registration fees for participants.

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