Monday, 28 January 2013

Winter training for 1.000 meters

It's winter time (and if you're in the Southern hemisphere... it will be, sometime...) and many times you find difficult to go paddling because of the few hours of daylight, cold, bad weather, work schedules, etc. The gym becomes then one of the most demanded training places. Nowadays, technics and apparels have developed into a wide range of possibilities, starting from the great kayakergometres to more simple but useful items like the TRX, the Fitball or the Bosu, these last two very used in Pilates training.

In this video, our good friend Pepe Mota, former National Junior Team Coach in Spain and one of our Master's specialists now in the 1.000 metres, shows from his Gym in Madrid (website how to combine strength and balance, something so important in our sport, in some gym exercises, starting with TRX, Bosu and Fitball and then doing a 1.000 in the Kayakergometer at position 5. He recomends to do it three times in a row (sorry, just Spanish subtitles this time).

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