Monday 9 February 2015

2015, a new start

We are officially back on the blog with the start of the new season 2015. Starting today, you'll have the latest news from the world of competition, especially in Flatwater and Surfski in this blog, aiming to approach to our readers major events and news all around the world.

We will also try as most as possible to cover the White Water events, as this is a pre-Olympic year, where the selection of quota spots for the next Games Rio2016...
give an added interest to all disciplines to be present there, as they are the events of 1000, 500 and 200 meters in Sprint and the Slalom.

But every great journey always begins with one small step and after a winter that persists hard and cold here in Europe, the first competitions and regional controls are ready to start. As many you may know, this web is written from Spain, so you will find, of course, many news of our inner competitions. It's also a way to give visibility to the base of our sport, because with no small competitions, we would never have the great champions, present and, of course, future. And if it is in our possibilities, we would like to go deep also in some other countries, not only Spain (information about events is always welcome, you can always contact ud through

As every year, the official kick-off in Spain will be the long awaited Winter Championships, once again to be held in the warm and sunny Seville, but will be preceded by the corresponding Regional Championships, which in just a week and a half from now will be a good test for all paddlers. And all this frenzy activity through the next six months will end in the long time expected World Championships, including Milan in August and London in September, where there will be awarded the first spots for the Rio Games in Sprint and Slalom, respectively. At these links you can check the Spanish and International calendars established so far:

Spanish National Calendar
International Calendar

I also want from here to extend my greetings to all our readers from other continents, which I know are numerous. In our aim is also to pay more attention to America this year, not in vain the love for our sport is clearly rising in South America and they are starting to achieve important international results. Also this year there is a great milestone: the PanAmerican Games of Toronto2015 and next year's Rio Games will be hosted also in the western continent, so it will be an important focus.

But as always in sports, what matters is not what we tell, but what all you will do. And enjoy. Paddlers, to the start line...

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