Saturday 19 December 2015

Isaquias Queiroz, athlete of the year in Brazil

Canoeist Isaquías Queiroz has been chosen by the Brazilian Olympic Committee as the best athlete of Brazil during 2015.

After his two medals at the World Championships in Milan (gold in C2 1000 and bronze in C1 200) and the three golds at the PanAmerican Games in Toronto, the new pupil of Suso Morlán won the voting over the tennis player Marcelo Melo and the beach volleyball couple Alison and Bruno.

"I thank God and my coach (Morlán) for this achievement. Without him I wouldn't be the athlete that everyone knows nor reach the big goals I'm reaping" were his first remarks after the news were known.

Queiroz, who everything seems to indicate that will attempt at the Olympics in Rio to get three medals (C1 200 and C1 and C2 over 1,000), adds a new step in its relentless rise to sports stardom, not only within the world of the canoeing, but general sport and Olympism in his country.

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