Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Javier Hernanz wins the Winter Championship in Asturias (Spain)

Last Sunday took place at Trasona Dam (Asturias, Spain) the Winter Championship over 5.000 metres and, as it happened on Saturday with the 2.000 time trial, the National Team member Javier Hernanz (Grupo Cultura Covadonga) had no opponent in a cold and rainy morning.

Although Hernanz made an awful start, where he couldn't find a proper way and got stuck behind the group trying not to take many risks, he managed to go on the left side of the course looking for clean water out of the bunch's wash and showed his skills on the 1.000, overpassing the group and being already leader out of the first turn.
From there on, his followers couldn't keep the pace and he made a solo regatta, finishing with a more than 30 seconds gap over the silver and bronze medalists, Alejandro García (Gorilas de Candás) and veteran Rafael Carril (Oviedo Kayak) who, as usual for him, made a good comeback from a bad first lap and finished into the podium.

In the C1 race victory came with authority to Rafael Menéndez (Gorilas de Candás), while the ladies race was won by Mª Isabel García (Gauzón de Luanco). All the merit for these great paddlers, but it was significant that there were only 8 contestants in this two races, maybe showing not as much the bad weather as a not very good mood between clubs and regional federation. Let's hope that this is becomeing to a better end during the season.

You can check at these links the results for the veterans y for the rest of categories.

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