Thursday, 1 March 2012

Murray Stewart and Alana Nicholls, one step forward to London 2012

At the Sidney International Regatta Centre, in Penrith (AUS), the Oceania Sprint Championships will start tomorrow with the top paddlers from down under. But today it has already taken place the first olympic trial for Australia, on 200 m. for the K1 men and women and on 1.000 metres for the C2.

On 200, the main favourites didn't fail and are already on step ahead in the race to London 2012. Murray Stewart and Alana Nicholls have shown again the powerful stroke they demonstrated in January at the NSW Championships and claimed a closed victory over their direct rivals.
In C2 1.000 the young Queensland paddlers Alex Haas and Jake Donaghey, who beated the more experienced Sebastian Marczak and Ferenc Szekszardi with a 6,45 secs difference.

Photo: Canoe Australia
The podium in 200 m. finished as follows:

1. Murray Stewart
2. Matt Urquhart
3. Joel Simpson

1. Alana Nicholls
2. Jo Bridgen-Jones
3. Hannah Davis

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