Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Results of the Winter Championship at Basque Country

After the two preliminary races in Bizkaia and Gipuzcoa, this last weekend it was time for the Basuqe Country's regional Championship over 5.000 metres.

The overall victory was for Felipe Besada (Piragüismo Pamplona), who was paddling as a guest, as he belongs to a club from neighbor region Navarra, so the Basque title finally fell in Haize Galarraga (Itxas-Gain), although he finished third overall, because just 1 second behind Besada was Galarraga's teammate Xabier Osa, who won the veteran category. The senior silver and bronze were for Esteban Arakama (Santiagotarrak) and Imanol Burguera (Donostia Kayak). Fourth absolute position was for the first U23 paddler Iosu Ansola (Itxas-Gain), earning the gold in his category.

It was very interesting the ladies race, with a four paddlers bunch on the lead, were finally the winner was another guest, Amaia Osaba (P. Pamplona), so the Basque title was for world marathon medalist Naiara Gómez (Getxo Piragua Taldea) who in fact was fourth at the final sprint, where she couldn't beat the impressive junior Amaia Benavente (Donostia Kayak), second, and the U23 Olatz Zabala (Santiagotarrak), third, both winning their own categories.

The C1 podium was formed by Mikel Ander Sánchez, Javier Herrera and Íñigo García, representing them all S.D. Santiagotarrak, which finished as winner in the Clubs classification, with Donostia Kayak and Itxas-Gain behind it.

At this link you can check the full results.

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