Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bram Brandjes and Eef Haaze, Dutch champions over 5.000 metres

Eef Haaze
Last weekend were held on the Drontemeer waters (Kampen - Holland), the National Championships over 5.000 metres (and shorter distances for lower ages categories). Saturday was a cold and rainy day, with strong winds up to force 5-6, which suppsoed an aditional effort for the contestants, some of them falling in and having to be rescued. Sunday was a more fair day and the good weather allowed many spectators to come by the shores enjoying the races.

Winner in the women senior category became Eef Haaze, race which had also competing the American national team paddler Jen Burke, special guest at the race.

At Men's senior category, Joep van Bakel was leading for most part of the race, but with national team member Bram Brandjes on his wash, he looked like confident on his chances at the sprint, as it finally was, beating van Bakel in a strong final push and becoming Dutch champion.

 In the masters category, new success for Olaf Heijne, winner this year of the Pas de Calais regatta and the Waterland Marathon. Heijne won both the K1 and the K2 races, showing again his dominion in his category.

Brandjes beats van Bakel in the final sprint

Here you have the full list of Dutch champions through the whole weekend, with more than 200 paddlers racing in the different disciplines:

 1000 meter
MK1 Dames Pupillen:       Suze Butter (KV Zwetplassers, Wormer)
MK1 Heren Pupillen:        Olaf Staal (KV Frisia, Amsterdam)
K1 Dames Aspiranten B:   Jetske Blankestijn (KV Zwetplassers)
K2 Dames Aspiranten B:   Lieve Butter/Jetske Blankestijn (KV Zwetplassers)
K1 Heren Aspiranten B:    Jort Pel (KV Odysseus)
K2 Heren Aspiranten B:    Fred Onnekes/Sam Jansen (EKV Beatrix, Eindhoven)

2000 meter
K1 Dames Aspiranten A:   Marit Kattenberg (KV Skonenvaarder, Kampen)
K1 Heren Aspiranten A:    Hugo Pos (KV De Geuzen, Zaandam)
K2 Dames Aspiranten A:   Marit Kattenberg/Jennely Bos (KV Skonenvaarder)
K2 Heren Aspiranten A:    Pieter Oldenburg/Jesse Fontaine (KV Zwetplassers)

3000 meter
K1 Dames Junioren B:      Ruth Vorsselman (KV Skonenvaarder)
K1 Dames Junioren A:      Fenna Uiterwaal (KV Frisia)
K1 Heren Junioren B:       Ruben Fontaine (KV Viking, Amsterdam)
K2 Dames Junioren B:      Karin Smits/Naomi Westra (KV Viking)
K2 Dames Junioren A:      Fenna Uiterwaal/Nienke Blankestijn (KV Frisia)
K2 Heren Junioren B:       Ruben Fontaine/Wessel Janssen (KV Viking)

5000 meter
K1 Dames Veteranen:      Esther van Lohuizen (EKV Beatrix)
K1 Dames Senioren:        Eef Haaze (PWSV)
K1 Heren Junioren A:      Albart Flier (KV Skonenvaarder)
K1 Heren Veteranen:      Olaf Heijne (EKV Beatrix)
K1 Heren Senioren:        Bram Brandjes (KV Viking)
K2 Heren Junioren A:      Chris Flier/Albart Flier (KV Skonenvaarder)
K2 Heren Veteranen:      Bert Onnekes/Olaf Heijne (EKV Beatrix)
K2 Dames Senioren:       Hedy Pol/Karlijn Jansen (Twentse Watersport Ver., Hengelo)
K2 Heren Senioren:        Pier Siersma/Bram Brandjes (KV Viking)

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