Sunday, 3 June 2012

Kajaksporten i fokus: all the Danish canoeing panorama in one web

This has been a very busy week and all our activity maybe has not been reflected in news on our web. Simply there's work to do in the shadow, but not less important. A big part of our success this last few days comes thanks to our friends of the Danish web "Kajaksporten i fokus: The Danish Paddling Magazine".

This web is 100% recommendable, giving all the ionformation of the Danish canoeing panorama, one of the most exciting in Northern Europe, not only because of the historical success of their paddlers being a rather small country (a large number of world and olympic medals crown their shelves), but also because they are in some way a role model about club managing. You can think about Maribo Kajakklub, for instance, from which I'm proud owner of a racing shirt. Who of us with some years of paddling on our shoulders won't remember legends like Thor Nielsen, Lars Koch (I still remember the first time I spotted him on a K1, at Crestuma in 1995, and at my barely 21 years old I got amazed as nowadays the youngers would do with our Manuel Busto),...

...great paddlers of an exquisite talent, like they were Thomas Christiansen and Karsten Solgård, or the current Danish number ones like the young star René Poulsen, Kim Wraae, Casper and Lasse Nielsen, Kasper Bleibach or the 4x4 paddlers Henriette Engel and Anne Lolk.

All this interesting scene is perfectly condensed and updated in their web. And don't miss clicking on "I like" also at their Facebook  to be fully informed about the country that in 3 weeks will host the Marathon World Cup, as it will do also with the 2013 Marathon World Championships. ¿Your Danish doesn't go further than "Carlsberg" and "Laudrup"? Nevermind, they also upload news in English. Through his web, Jan Christensen will keep us informed about all the action in Copenhague during the World Cup competition. From Spain, we want to wish all the best to our National Team and to all the people involved in the organization.

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