Friday, 8 June 2012

South Africa and Denmark Olympic paddlers announced

This week has seen the first official lists of olympic paddlers going to London 2012 Summer Olympics. As it was clear from some months ago, not without polemics, South Africa will be with only two paddlers, both in the women single competition: Bridgitte Hartley at the K1 500 and Tiffany Kruger at the K1 200.

Also Denmark has officialy announced the paddling competing at the spots earned by their National Team. No surprises, but some tough debate has been around for the last two weeks about the K1 200 spot. The paddlers going to London are:

K1 500 Women: Henriette Engel Hansen
K1 200 Men:      Kasper Bleibach
K1 1.000 Men:   Rene Holten Poulsen
K2 1.000 Men:   Kim Wraae Knudsen
                           Emil Stær
K4 1.000 Men:   Kasper Bleibach
                           Rene Holten Poulsen
                           Kim Wraae Knudsen
                           Emil Stær
You can read the full news in English about this debate at our friend web of the Danish Paddling Magazine (news 1 and news 2)

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