Monday, 19 December 2011

The Fenn Cape Point Challenge also for McGregor

New win for Hank McGregor in his dream season 2011, now on his surfski at the Fenn Cape Point Challenge, on 49 km. Mocke brothers shared the podium, with last year's winner, Sean Rice, finishing fourth, just one minute behind.

McGregor made his coup de grace at the tricky kelp beds towards Cape Point, with strong downwind conditions, where he showed...
his plus of strength over his competitors. "It was a great race and second to Hank is brilliant!", said Jasper Mocke, who had a great finish pace after a swim that made him go for an extra effort.

McGregor was also delighted with his victory: "This is one race that I can really tick off as one that I paced perfectly," said. "I tapped off a little at the end but I remembered how flat I felt in the last five kilometres in previous races so I wanted to make sure I had something in reserve in case they came back at me."

Final results:

1.Hank McGregor  3:47.46
2.Jasper Mockè 3:48.49
3.Dawid Mockè 3:49.06
4.Sean Rice 3:50.00
5.Hayden Smith (Aus) 3:54.59
6.Grant van der Walt 3:58.44
7.Paul Marais 3:59.42
8.Brandon van der Walt 4:00.23
9.Tom Schilperoort 4:00.53
10.Richard von Wildermann 4:02.12

1.Alexa Cole 4:36.36
2.Bianca Beavitt 4:45.23
3.Kimm Brugmann 4:47.26
4.Kerry Louw 4:56.36
5.Kirsty Wessels 5:03.44

1.Shaun Rubenstein/Steve Farrell 3:50.53
2.Warren Valentine/Kenny Collins 3:56.27
3.Grant Woollaston/Bryan Taylor 3:58.13
4.Jaysen Golding/Marc Germiquet 4:00.44
5.Eugene van der Westhuisen/R. Daman 4:01.00

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