Monday 26 December 2011

New kayaks look for the market 2012

After the last Sprint World Championships in Szeged, where some new boats were tested, many manufacturers look like being in a rush now to offer their best for next season. It looks like Nelo is going to be on the lead again with their new Nelo Quattro (some of them with amazing designs, just check around olympic paddlers Twitter pics to see a portfolio...), but many other brands are also showing their new "babies". You can check Vajda Colt (already one year old), Plastex Fighter or a really beautiful Zedtech Predator (on the image). Also there are gossip news about a new upcoming Román K1 for next February. Any preferences?

On the other hand, river boat development looks to be frenzy at the south african manufacturer Kayak Centre. Current Marathon World Champion, Hank McGregor is now testing a new K2 named "Eliminator", which he has categorized "fast but yet stable with lots of volume, looks like a great Dusi K2". Interesting to know that his test mate has been Len Jenkins, maybe his new Dusi partner after Ant Stott's refusal? If so, there's already a couple to beat.

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