Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Río Negro, day 3: Pyrrhic victory of Balboa and Guerrero after a time penalty

The third stage of Río Negro Regatta, after the first day off, made the 38 kilometers between Luis Beltrán and Choele Choel, again under a blazing sun.

On the water, little news. Again a tight marking between the two favorite  K2s. Balboa and Guerrero became winners again of the stage, but followed only 5 seconds away by Pinta and Mozzicafredo who look to have the young champions under control. In addition, the rest day was used by the organization to set up a report with the penalties imposed on the second stage, where Balboa and Guerrero were penalized with one minute for skipping a buoy getting advantage. This eventually causes the difference in overall after this third stage is increased in 55 seconds for Pinta and Mozzicafredo.

Salvo and Alonso entering the finish line. Photo: César Daniel Nahuelcura
In the K1s, several penalties of 15 seconds for the same reason, but with no major changes in the first positions. The senior category lived another day of transition, with the Spanish Iván Alonso comfortably leading the race, this time accompanied all the entire stage by the U23 Nicolás Salvo, merit the Spaniard recognized at the finish coming together and hand by hand with the youngster from Neuquén, among the applause of the crowd. And that does not mean at all that this third day was a walk at the park for these guys. Keep in mind that in a stage of 38 km these two K1s arrived within four minutes of the first K2s, which certainly speaks well of the strong pace they managed to sustain.

Results after 3 days:

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