Thursday 14 January 2016

Río Negro, day 4: Pinta and Mozzicafredo, one step closer to final victory

The 4th stage of Río Negro saw how its route, by problems with the access to the river, and modality were changed on the intended plan by the organizers, finally been raced over 57 km (14 more than the stipulated) and with a elapsed start every 15 seconds for senior K1 and K2, which was something initially programmed for the 3rd stage.

Balboa - Guerrero (left) and Pinta - Mozzicafredo (right) during yesterday's stage. Photo: Diario Río Negro

So, after the draw, the fact was that Balboa and Guerrero were meant to start just 15 seconds ahead of Pinta and Mozzicafredo. They had no other chance, then, to push hard and try to put some pressure on their rivals.

However, the veterans Pinta and Mozzicafredo knew how to dismantle this tactics they catched the two youngters even before the predictable, paddling all together for the rest of the stage to a sprint finish in which Balboa and Guerrero again showed their top speed. Sadly for them, they only earned one second in the finish line, making Pinta and Mozzicafredo winners the stage and increasing their difference in overall by 14 seconds.

Regarding the K1s, Iván Alonso faced a long solo paddle and managed to put much more time on all other paddlers, showing great strength not only physically, but also mentally. This time, Nicolás Salvo, U23 leader, lost nearly five minutes with the Spaniard. Both lead their respective categories with comfort and, surprises apart, they are meant to be the winners in Viedma next Saturday.

Today, Thursday, is day off, to rest facing the longest stage of this edition on Friday, 64 km. After the end of it all paddlers will be invited to a traditional Argentine barbecue. For many of us, this would be more than enough justification to jump across the ocean and paddle over 287 km under the sun.


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