Thursday 21 January 2016

Thoughts about the ICF proposal for the modification of the canoeing program in Tokio 2020 (Part 2)

(Continuing from Part 1, which you can read here)

As commented, this whole thing encloses a series of interest, more or less dark, but some of which are very easy to see. The first and foremost in my view, it is the perpetuation of the ruling classes. It is well known that the president of the ICF, José Perurena, is also president of the Organization of the World Games and a permanent member of the IOC, more after his membership was extended after reaching the age of retirement, making his weight within the Committee go through next level. Knowing as Jacques Rogge, after the election of Tokyo in the assembly of Buenos Aires 2013, declared his willingness to step down after the Games in Rio ... then there's no need to be very smart to connect some dots and see that Perurena is very interested to get on well with his colleagues in the IOC.

So far, everything fine. Anyone who says that this effort in reducing costs and reaching gender parity has been asked to all federations, can also be right, but a different thing is the effort put in each federation to make it happen. Some of them are not very willing to oppose too, since its weight in the Olympic program is much lower. That is the case of canoeing ... or not, wait, didn't we said that the president of the ICF is a heavyweight in the IOC? ... Well, then maybe Perurena's weight is just personal, it doesn't belong to canoeing as a sport.

This is already explaining things a bit more. Not to mention the precedent, bleeding, ...

of the reduction to 8 lanes of the sprint course at London Olympics, one of them occupied by this guy called Joshua Utanga, the paddler from the Cook Islands, which had a paid London sightseeing tour and had to appear lane 2 to justify the bills (4:32 with tailwind in the K1 1,000 without sweating at all. If I lived in the Cook Islands and they take me over to the Olympics, of course I'm going and enjoying, and perhaps I'm not able to paddle the 1,000 in less than 4:40 ... but you can bet I will cross the finish line spitting the liver out of my mouth). Not to mention people qualified for semifinals after being the last one in heats where everyone was classified before the start. Or B finals with 5 boats. An organizational shame directly attributable to those wearing ties in the picture.

"We had no choice, they threatened to throw us out of the Olympic program". This is the sentence that we have heard and will continue to hear in the coming years. Thus, the policy of Olympic programming is measured in vaseline tin pots. Because we would like to see who got guts to remove swimming races that look like Prom gymkanas, such as the 4x100 medley relay. No way, they will still include the 385 meters puppy before that happens. And see who is the brave who tells them not to. Or who shouts about what's going on in Athletics when there are three Jamaicans and three Americans in a final of 8 lanes. Dear athletes, no way, you can only be here 6 or 7 guys qualifying by continent!, one as a top for each country. And well, there are too many countries in Europe, so we will make one of them stay at home to bring this guy from Cook Islands instead...

Well, at this point, the average viewer I am representing has a clearer view that the criteria of the Olympic program is made by the lords of the IOC together with the marketing staff of Coca-Cola after the desserts, big cup of cognac in hand.

So, what do they have to decide on their next rendez-vous? Whether or not the proposal of the ICF is implemented in Tokyo 2020. And seeing to our left the picture of how it would be, we better pledge that this is approved, because any other alternative would be even worse. Or better for other people. Tomorrow I'll tell you why, because I will come in to discuss the country interests (and personal) behind each of the disciplines and categories entering and leaving this little picture. For today and I already burned up enough.

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