Friday, 15 January 2016

Río Negro, day 5: The Regatta, almost decided after longest stage

The 67 km of the fifth and longest stage of Río Negro Regatta, left the race almost ready for the final podium, unless unexpected accidents, and followed the script written by the leaders through all this week. Néstor Pinta and Martín Mozzicafredo kept stuck to their conservative tactics and left again the weight of the race on Balboa and Guerrero, who finally took again the partial victory, but scratching just 5 seconds to those from Patagones, virtual winners of the Regatta, as it would be very difficult for them to lose their 4'30" advantage. On this occasion, the third K2 on the podium, Jonathan Muñoz and Andrés Roth, managed to complete the entire part in the group head, finishing 12 seconds after the winners.

Alonso will achieve today his first title at Río Negro. Photo: Diario Río Negro

Interesting was the race in K1. Iván Alonso (ESP) with its title secured, opted this time for a conservative pace that would allow to...

help his teammate Alberto Díaz Portas in his assault on the leadership of Master C category, in which he was only 1'13 "back of the Argentinian Andrés Busnadiego. Gradually, Alonso was taking care of him in the leading group until they got rid of the needed rivals and formed a diamond including their two K1s and the U23 paddlers Nicolás Salvo and Jonathan Penchulef, group that reached the finish line together despite the stage getting very tough in its second half, due to strong wind.

So, Iván Alonso and Nicolás Salvo left sentenced their respective categories (Senior and U23) their respective categories at the final stage today and probably it will be so in the case of Alberto Díaz Portas, who turned upside down his category and now leads by 9'31" over Busnadiego.

The end of the sixth and final stage, with the traditional arrival River Promenade in Viedma, can be followed live by livestream HERE. Today Saturday at 16h Local Time (20h CET).

The results of the fifth stage can be found at the following links:

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