Thursday 26 January 2012

Mocke brothers finish in victory their Down Under tour

Last Sunday, as a dessert for Perth's surfski weekend (after Saturday's The Doctor), The Finn Coastal Challenge was held in a two-man discipline, with 26 km. along the coast splitted in two legs, one from Fremantle's Port Beach to City Beach and the second and final finishing at Sorrento Beach.

After Tim Jacobs' victory at The Doctor, there was some revenge aim at the Mocke brothers to beat the Australian couple Robinson /Jacobs, and it was right from the start that it was clear that these two couples were going to fight close for victory. Robinson was determined to keep leading the first leg, leaving no chance to Jasper Mocke of going ahead.

"It didn't matter who I was racing, there was no way I was going to let Jasper get in front of me at any stage," said Robinson. "I was determined to stay in front of him and hit the beach and give Tim a lead for his paddle to Sorrento."

But in the second leg, a 15 knots wind raised swell after swell and Dawid Mocke knew well how to take the most out of them. He took a closer line to the coast and gave an outstanding lesson of how to make a downwind, linking swell after swell and making unworth Jacobs' efforts to follow him. Dawid stopped the time at Sorrento Beach in 1h25'09".
Photo: Hanson Media

"I am just so stoked to win the Finn Coastal Challenge with my younger brother and finish off our tour down under on a winning note," said Dawid. "But I knew we were in for a race against the Australian boys. It doesn't matter what kind of race you have in Australia, if there is a start line and a finish line then it's game on. And that's what it's like in these kinds of races. The competition is always fierce and the Australians are never beaten. But I certainly made the most of the conditions and I knew I had to paddle hard on every runner."

The final standings were:
  1. Jasper Mocke/Dawid Mocke  1h25'09"
  2. Clint Robinson/Tim Jacobs      1h27'13"
  3. Bruce Taylor/Jeremy Cotter    1h28'47"
  4. Ash Nesbit/Dean Gardiner      1h29'00"
You can check the full results at this link.

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