Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Río Negro: day off

Tuesday was the day off for all the competitors at Río Negro, time to recover from the very long three first stages and preparing the last four heading Viedma.

We already got information about some messy finish for the K2s at the third stage. It was supposed to be completed upstream after turning a buoy, but the string attaching this one was broken by the strong stream and went down out of control. The three couples that came in the leading bunch then had no turn and the officials whistled indicating the end of the race downstream, when Pinta and Mozzicafredo where leading the group. That circumstance ended with a claim from Scalesi brothers, who alleged to be controlling their reserves for a final attack upstream, and a kind of fight (literally) at the bank among supporters of ones and others paddlers.

And Daniel Dal-Bo, who was comfortably leading the K1 until Monday, lost 16 minutes due to a break in his rudder and cable, who made him stop in order to fix it and paddle for the rest of the stage in a difficult situation. Now he will need some extra effort if he wants to take back the lead at the overall, now for David Ortega 11 minutes ahead.

Today Wednesday, the fourth stage will take the paddlers from Beltrán to Choele Choel, with a 35 km. distance.  

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