Sunday 8 January 2012

Río Negro: Stage 2

Sunday and second stage of Río Negro was completed between Neuquén and general Roca, 58 km. long. As it was in the frist stage, voctory came again for Néstor Pinta and Martín Mozzicafredo, who beated at sprint the uruguayan brothers Scalesi, this time in second position. A minute and a half behind, two other couples arrived to a closed finish, being third Pacual Orellana and Guillermo di Renzo, who relegated Fernando Percaz and Maximiliano Soto to fourth position.

In K1, Daniel Dal-Bo keeps leading the race, but with a closer Diego Ortega behind him. Almost two minutes behind arrived Jonatahn Calvo, third, and Ariel Romasanta, fourth.

So far, the general results are...
lead by Pinta and Mozzicafredo, with a total time of 4h.16'22". Second position is for Fernando Percaz and Maximiliano Soto, 1'53" behind. The Scalesi brothers are now going into third position at 4'01" from the leaders.

K1 general is clear for Daniel Dal-Bo with 4h.37'30", followed by Diego Ortega at 4'28" and Ariel Romasanta at 5'43".

Today, the longest stage will bring the paddlers from General Roca to Villa Regina, with a total distance of 68 km.

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