Thursday, 12 January 2012

Río Negro: 4th stage

Pinta y Mozzicafredo keep leading Río Negro regatta for their eleventh overall win in a row. Yesterday, after a short (it was cutted down to 21 km.) but tough day, deserved a new partial win, while their rivals fight each other for a second position, so first look now rather far away for them.

The main novelty in this shortest course ever at Río Negro were the compulsory portages, which, along with the strong stream, made this stage particularly tough for the paddlers

In K1, Daniel Dal-Bo made a brilliant stage, cutting down 3 minutes to David Ortega and Jonathan Calvo, so in the overall is now 8 minutes behind his rivals. We'll see if the three stages left are space enough for him to go again into the lead or he will pay for the unlucky rudder break of the third stage.

K2 Senior - 4th stage
1º- Pinta, Nestor - Mozzicafredo 0,56,32
2º- Percaz, Fernando - Soto, Maximiliano 0,56,43
3º- Orellana, Pascual - Di Renzo, Guillermo 0,56,50

1º- Pinta, Nestor - Mozzicafredo, Martin 8,05,17
2º- Orellana, Pascual - Di Renzo, Guillermo 8,09,54
3º- Scalesi, Santiago - Scalesi, Juan 8,10,15

K1 Senior - 4th stage
1º- Dal-Bo, Daniel 0,59,52
2º- Ortega, Diego 1,02,35
3º- Calvo, Jonathan 1,02,55

1º- Ortega, Diego 8,50,43
2º- Calvo, Jonathan 8,52,06
3º- Dal-Bo, Daniel 8,59,29

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