Friday, 20 January 2012

New Román kayak models out for sale today

Romás kayaks factory has today confirmed the rumours spread in the last two months about the development of a new K1 model to battle for the market in 2012. They are two Sprint models, one for the top racing paddlers (Sail IV) and another one adapted to the Masters needs (Romaster). Here is a link to Roman webpage.

I'll try to translate as accurate as possible the technical characteristics:

K1 Sail IV:
1 - Hull's bow has been modified to let the maximum lenght (5.20 m.) being under the water.
2 - Narrower cockpit in the attack zone.
3 - More room for the feet at the steering.
4 - Stern modified to give it a bigger volume than former models
The result to all these changes is a flatter gliding kayak that avoids the stern going underwater when accelerating.

Excellent kayak for marathon and collective races.
1 - Narrower cockpit in the attack zone.
2 - More room for the feet at the steering.
3 - Less curve at the lengthwise of the hull.
4 - Flatter hull under the cockpit, giving more stability for the Master paddler.
The result is a very comfortable and stable kayak without loosing an excellent gliding at high speed.


  1. Excellent quality and value

  2. One of better K1s out there for marathon racing. and almost half price of some others.